What is a waldorf doll?

A waldorf doll is a handmade doll that is made with carefully selected materials and special techniques. So the doll gets her unique looks and she is warm and soft. Due to its appearance the waldorf doll is one of the most beautiful available forms of toys. And because of the material used in making the doll, she is warm and soft to cuddle.


What materials are used?

waldorf dolls are handmade of natural materials, namely cotton and wool. This makes the doll firm yet soft. This makes it nice for a child to hold the doll and to take it everywhere. The dolls feel warm and comfortable as the doll is filled with wool which adapts to the body temperature of the child rapidly. Thus it seems almost as if the doll is really alive.

For the materials, there are various grades are available. Atelier Kleine Katrijne only works with materials of the highest quality. That means that the skin is made of a biological tricot of a very strong quality. This makes the appearance of the doll non-toxic and the fabric is sturdy and thick, so the doll is strong enough to be played with.

The first waldorf dolls were made by the parents of the children for whom they were. Often there was no other material available then pieces of clothing already worn.

Meanwhile, there is high-grade materials in the market to make these dolls so that they look almost like little children. Since making is a handicraft, each doll is unique.

There are still parents who make a doll for their child, but also part of this task is taken over by doll makers who specialize in the techniques.

Where does the waldorf doll come from?

The waldorf doll is originally from the anthroposophy and it is therefore also called anthroposophic doll or Steiner doll.

Rudolf Steiner gave the parents of the Waldorf school which he founded advice on how they could best make a doll for their child. There’s a whole philosophy around it and therefore the dolls look the way they look.

Steiner taught that working with natural materials is very important for toys for young children as it enables them to develop their sense of touch best.

The idea behind this is as follows: When a child experiences the first natural materials and comes to know them, then they will develop a reverence for them. Those first experiences are so to speak the basis for life. Additionally with natural materials there are always different structures to experience and it is never predictable. If the child subsequently comes into contact with unnatural materials, such as plastic, then it will experience the difference in quality. If you feel it with attention, you can also experience the difference. Wood or wool looks and feels very different from plastic.

What are the specific characteristics of the waldorf doll?

Waldorf dolls have a very specific look and feel, and that’s not for nothing. The appearance of the doll is configured with the basic idea that the doll stands as a symbol for humans. And then also the most ideal and pure human being. Because that’s what you want to give the child as an example. As an example in life.

waldorf doll sarah finished

The body proportions

As the first, this means that the doll is shaped so that the ratios are consistent with the proportions that has actually a human being. The head has a certain size relative to the upper body and arms and legs also have a length that’s right with it. If the proportions of a doll body is not correct, it is immediately visible. Then, not the doll looks so “real” off.
The shape of the head

Another typical characteristic appearance of the doll is the shape of the head. The head of a zonnekindpop is made with special techniques. This makes it nice and round, like a real head. And it has a notch sitting on the place where the eyes fall so that as it were, somewhat “in” the head, just as it is also the case for a real human being.

No facial expression

What further very remarkable about these dolls is that they have no real facial expression, they have a neutral expression. In the face only shows the eyes and mouth in a simple way. They are usually embroidered, but sometimes only drawn with a pencil.

This lack of expression has a utility. This allows the child gets plenty of space to think with his or her imagination and fill in how the doll feels. So the doll can laugh or be sad and are awake or asleep.

Why zonnekindpop looks like

Rudolf Steiner indicated that this is necessary for proper development of the brains. This form by the imagination of the child. You can compare that to develop the muscles of the hands. They are stronger when you work with your hands. Just so the brains can develop better if the world of the child, the possibilities for this. And the toy is of course an important part of it. For children, the imagination is the way of “brain training” which best suits their age and stage of development.

By creating an internal representation of the doll when she is very happy with a doll face expressionless or even when she cries, the child is currently active brains are developing. That fantasy seems at first perhaps linked to a child’s play and not so important, but nothing is less true.

A zonnekindpop is therefore not just a doll. It’s sophisticated developmental toys. We are often inclined to choose our mature look for toys that we like. But that we sometimes overlook things that are more important for a child.
Sun Child dolls come in different shapes and sizes

In addition to the features of the Sun Child dolls that you could read above, there is for every age and stage of development a doll that best suits that phase. Especially when you want to create dolls is fun to go through all these stages with your child.

A knooppop

First there is the simplest doll which also forms the basis of the series: the knooppop. I have no picture unfortunately, but I will also shortly to search (or create a new one). A knooppop is neither more nor less than a large handkerchief folded in a certain way and knotted. This creates a head, two arms with hands and two legs with feet. Very easy. For many adults they felt too simple, but you will see that such a simple doll grateful as toys is accepted.

Such knooppop is suitable for the little ones as toys, but in addition he is also very good to use for quickly make a few dolls for an impromptu mini-puppet theater or table game for toddlers or preschoolers.

Baby Hug

In the next stage receives the child, still a baby, his first real hug doll. This doll is characterized by the face without details, and by it to have a kind of sleeping bag. This reflects the development in which the child resides.

A young baby’s visual impressions can not handle so the brains that it looks really good and therefore has not yet developed this doll face. The sleeping bag indicates that the legs have not yet been developed so that the child can use them consciously in order to walk or crawl.

The knotted hands and the cap are of course a feast for the developing motor skills.

The doll of the picture from top to “toe” 19 cm and it is this the perfect doll for grabby baby hands. This doll you can receive a free pattern when you sign your right.

cuddly yellow
A cuddly toy for a toddler

If your child once well crawls and already a little stand, the next phase has arrived. At this stage fit a cuddly doll who has real legs, but the legs are still soft stuffed reflecting in part that there is no full control.

The doll toy can also be a little bigger and a size of about 25 cm or less is ideal. Because children of this age can not pop on their own and undress the doll has a solid package. This package can not, and is made of lovely soft cuddly fabric.

Also put a lot of children this age still things in their mouth and, therefore, a doll with loose hair is not suitable yet. To give the doll still a real appearance she gets a cap on and there are a few hairs embroidered. The child meanwhile make real contact with the environment by looking around and react much more aware of things and it starts to imitate all sounds really. The doll that at this age suits therefore gets a few gevormder head so there eyes and a mouth drawn or embroidered. The eyes and mouth are then applied not detailed but subtle with a pencil dot or a single small embroidered stitch.

This creates a doll to take good on expedition in the small fists of a toddler.

line shop KK

cuddly flowers
The first lijspop for toddler

If the child once so far is that it will run is started again the next phase of development. The legs have more strength and can actually wear body. It’s time for another doll. The defining characteristic of a cuddly toy for a toddler that the arms and legs are now firmly filled.

The doll for this age still have a solid pack and frustration that occurs because the motor is not yet sufficiently developed to be able to dress and undress the doll itself.

This doll is again a bit larger and measures 30 cm from head to toe. It is the first form of the lijspop. The clothes are up in bright and vivid colors and pop now gets an easy way embroidered, knitted or crocheted hair.

This doll can be made either in a girl version and a boy version. There, for the first time made a difference in.

With all these features this first lijspop is ideal for simple role of the toddler and she responds to the growing perception of the child.

line shop KK

Zonnekindpop Lara
The lijspop for kindergarten, with clothes that can on and off

At the end of infancy or early infancy the child is playing with more details. The game is not only based on imitating what it sees around him in the world, there are now very individual things conceived in.

The motor skills are further developed and this is the time to give a doll to be dressed and undressed.

The doll that fits with it’s the lijspop which is made of a special skin tricot with loose clothing that can on and off. Still 30 cm a very nice size for a doll. It is manageable in all actions. And importantly, it ensures that the doll is not too big and not too heavy. It is possible to take the doll everywhere, something many children are only too happy to do.

The lijspop now has arms which are movable so that the child has with it there is more freedom in the game. The doll can tackle by by things, or someone with swaying. Additionally, this movability causes the dressing and undressing is easier.

zonnekindpop ninaHet is now time for a doll with “real” hair, which means that the style is more like the hairs in it really are. This may be selected for long loose hair again and again in tails, braids or with pins in model can be accommodated.

Lis This is the best of a traditional solar child doll face made. That gives the doll a somewhat dreamy look and it still fits well at this stage of life. But it is also possible to make her a nose, as you can see on the left picture.

line shop KK
The ledenmatenpop with articulated arms and legs

If the child’s school once ripe, or rather leather mature, there is greater control of the gross motor skills. Anyone who has a child in school or have had quite know kleuterjuffen among older toddlers decrease the learning maturity test. Watching this motor development is one of the components of the test. On the basis of this and other features can see the teacher or the child is ready for the next phase.

Now the child has a better control over his or her body would also like to see it back on the doll where he plays with. This new phase in the development renewed calls for a new type of doll: the ledematenpop.

When ledenmatenpop down the arms and legs on the doll sewn, but they are on the body confirmed by middle of a rope through the hull. This allows rotating the arms and legs and they move from place only if the child requesting his consciousness.

pippi klein

Now there may be a bit more detail face be fitted with a nose, lips and chin, so the doll has a more expressive and more awake appearance. Just as the child itself has.

Which incidentally still do not, because it is still regarded as neutral as possible and shall help to ensure that brains develop optimally.

(The doll in the picture above is not ledematenpop but lis. Soon I will put a picture of a ledematenpop here.)

line shop KK
A baby doll in solar child doll style

A whole chapter could be written about the doll. In the traditional series of solar child dolls, the doll is made as ledenmatenpop. But increasingly doll makers also make a baby doll with dangling arms and legs, so the doll is also suitable for younger children.
How to choose a doll that fits well with your child?
What type of doll you choose and why? (Even if you do not want to give all the dolls)

First of all, it is then useful to look at the developmental stage of the child at this time. It may also be a good idea to ask yourself whether you want to give all the puppets or make, whether you opt for one species. If the latter is the case, then it’s best to choose a doll that fits most of the different development phases.

That’s from your list that can be switched on and undressed. It is suitable for preschoolers and the first years after playing many children are still very much with lijspop. Moreover, you can choose to specify a cap a lis at a younger child so that the hairs remain as hidden. If you also choose a somewhat wider trousers with feet or even a padded sleeping bag, you can meet in this way with one doll to most of the development phases.
Of the pop format

The size of the ideal pop depends on the age of the child and the personal preferences. Nevertheless, the following generally applies to a doll with a size of about 30 cm is preferred. And pop of this size is not too small, nor too big. They can make up all the movements and is a fun playmate. At the same time she is still hand manageable and not too heavy. That makes it nice to play with her and to take her anywhere you go.

If the personal requirements are different, there is obviously a different format possible. The most used sizes are those of 30 cm. and 40 cm. size. But any pattern can be enlarged or reduced as desired and so there can be a larger or even smaller doll. Certainly for instance on the road or on vacation, small dolls are also a lot of fun.
What physical characteristics do you choose?

Traditionally was advised from the anthroposophy to a zonnekindpop light skin and blonde hair. That’s because these characteristics are symbolic of the man with a pure soul. Exactly like most princesses in fairy tales also symbolize that and also they tend to have long blonde hair. Goudblond often.

It is good to remember you taking this picture is culturally defined and therefore is not as quite appropriate in our multicultural society.

In addition, surveys show that there is a connection between the appearance of the dolls kids play with and what they’re going to have the perfect appearance. That ideal appearance is unconsciously associated with positive attributes. It appeared that children with dark skin who take out a doll from childhood with a white skin a white doll as “rather” than saw a doll with dark skin.

Therefore, I always recommend itself to choose a doll that closely resembles the child. In this way, the doll can contribute to a healthy development of a positive self-image.

A child receives several dolls? Then it is nice to just also in the different dolls at home reflect the multicultural society.
Buy or make yourself?

If you find these beautiful dolls and if you find nice toys for your child, the question remains where you got it.
A doll maker takes the work out of your hands

Today, there are doll makers that you take care of all the work. From the search for the correct pattern to the collection of high quality materials to the making of the doll. In most doll makers can you pass on your personal preferences so you get a doll that is exactly the way you want. Atelier Inge Schuurmans meanwhile has years of experience and works with self-developed patterns.
Why these dolls are so expensive?

The price of a doll is somewhat higher than the average pop out of the store. That is not surprising. First, the material costs are quite high. Especially with doll makers who choose quality and therefore often make environmentally responsible choices. If you also consider that soon several dozen hours of work are in making a doll, then you understand that no price would do justice to the final result. But each doll maker makes her dolls so that you can play with it. Most doll makers therefore rely beside the material only a small contribution for the hours worked. This doll is still slightly more expensive than an ordinary doll, but if she remains affordable.
A good reason to make yourself a doll

Yet Rudolf Steiner gave no time for nothing lesson to parents about how they could make a doll. Of course, this also had a practical reason, because if you can make something, you can do that if you have little money and no pop can buy. But there’s more. If you make a doll for your child, you connect your while making extra with both your child and the doll. Therefore, there is a particular strength of the doll making, especially if you make a doll for a child that is very dear. And although each doll maker lovingly working on her dolls, you can get yourself in this way still give something extra to the doll for your child. And, ultimately, to your child. You can see it right back when you pop. It’s like the love you as a filmmaker have put into the doll really ín the doll is still present felt for the child. From what I heard so far, is a doll made by their own mother or grandmother was always welcomed with open arms. Such a doll gets a special place in your home and in the heart of the child.

If doll maker I also hear this otherwise of the dolls I make. The doll will be directly a part of the family. She gets a place at the table and allowed to sleep in bed.
What do you need to make yourself a doll?

If you decide to make yourself a doll, then it makes sense to follow a good course. With a good course, it is possible even for a novice sewer in order to create a beautiful doll of good quality. Blank cartridges often have limited job description which makes it difficult to do with a beautiful doll if you have no experience with it yet. The danger is that you make the fabric cut or a mistake and you have to start over. The online course offers Atelier Inge Schuurmans you a detailed tutorial which teaches you step by step how to create a beautiful doll. Of course you will find in the course, a mailing list for the required materials. And tips and tricks will ensure that the end result is really something to be proud of. Even though a homemade doll always special, regardless of its appearance, most mothers find it myself very much as a truly beautiful doll in their hands arose.