Would you buy skin fabric for dolls? Which do you choose best?

I often get the question what skin tricot I use and why. There, I like to answer, because I think it’s a good question. And so you know where you can watch if you buy next time skin tricot want.

One of the arguments to select a skin tricot is quality. How sturdy is the matter? Can he tolerated it when played intensively for years with the doll? When a thin skin quality tricot the risk of wear is of course much greater than in a solid thicker fabric. Many children dragging a doll really go anywhere and they therefore become so attached to such a doll that grief is great as it breaks down. I think it is useful to avoid.

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Another reason for choosing a particular jersey is something that not many people think about it. When growing cotton and in making and colors of fabric are used all kinds of tools. For most skin tricot is that they are not of biological quality, which means that a lot of chemicals are used during the growing of the cotton, and during the production process in which the substance is made. Even the paint the material the final color will often contains substances that are not only harmful to the environment, but also for your child.

Substances (and therefore skin tricot) indicate that they contain harmful substances during use slowly but surely. And your skin can then record these substances so they end up in your body. That means that a child with such a doll plays recording substances. This is about toxins. That’s something I do not support, so I choose the dolls that I always make for ecological materials. And as much as possible also for clothing.

Another reason to choose a particular tricot is the color. Organic skin tricot is happy in a lot of different colors for sale.

Personally, I choose therefore for organic skin stocking of Zwisterse quality that is for sale at Kamrins Dolls. The elasticity of this material suits me the best of all jerseys I’ve ever had and tried. The patterns that I use, and also made from the course on the basis of this jersey.