Will it be a boy … or a girl …?

With the dreary winter weather lately making puppets is a wonderful occupation. The dolls are my suns for inside. This time I started to make a boy doll, with very light blond hair. But once I put the hair on his head, I knew it would become a girl. Some dolls have been cocky before they are finished.

Therefore, this doll gets some extra hair and a pair of beautiful braids. I’ve already picked out a nice fabric for a dress for her and one of the shoes has been sewn. Just because I wanted to see how these colors will look on her.

boy or girl

After I also made the second shoe I continued with the hair. I added some longer hair and transformed this into lovely braids. And then suddenly it was very clear that it’s a girl

waldrof doll with braids

Now I only have to make the dress and then she will ne in the store for sale.