Waldorf doll with buttocks

It has been a while that I have been making dolls, due to relocation and a whole lot of work in the new house, but finally I can pick it up again. I’m so happy about it!

And that’s because I just enjoy the new kind of dolls I began to make. Okay, not entirely new, but still a bit different than how I made them so far. This doll is in fact a lot more detailed.

She has a real face, with a nose, chin and lips. She has a navel. And she’s buttocks. Yes, it really is a waldorf doll with buttocks. And I love that look so much. And what‘s even more fun is enjoying the look of my daughter when she looks at the doll. Especially off course when the doll is with her back turned towards her.

Yes, a doll like that she would alos love to have.

This morning she has taken a long shower. And when she had just finished, I secretly sneaked into the bathroom to take a picture, so you can admire her buttocks ;-)

You see, there she is:

waldorf doll with buttocks

Now I‘m going back to work because she had an accident yesterday, so I have to mend her clothes before she can wear them again.