Twins in waldorf doll style

Yesterday and the day before it snowed. But today the sun is shining. The temperature is higher and now the snow is melting. It’s wonderful to be outside again.

Meanwhile, a doll awaits on the table. I want to finish her today. So that they can be sent. This doll I make for a client. She’s blonde. And she has braids. Like her twin sister. They only get a different dress and a different color shoes. Furthermore, they look the same. They are twin dolls.

With this beautiful weather I would rather do something else then sit down to work. The weather has lately been very gray. And not so warm. Now I only want to be outside. We have been out this morning for a long walk. And this afternoon we went to the playground.

Now it’s time to get back to work. Making identical twins fails with doll making. That is because doll making is handicrafts. So they are always a little bit different. But these dolls look very much alike. They do wear different clothes.

Below you can see the twins in their clothes.



Meanwhile, the dolls are on their way to America. To the girls for who they are.

And they’ve got something special with them. They also both have wings. Like an angel. Only the wings of these dolls can go on and off.