The funniest clown in the world… or the sweetest

As a child I always liked clowns, but the clown had to remain at a safe distance. Because while on the one hand I liked them, I always thought they were a bit too much too. A bit too extreme for my liking.

Much later I learned that there are all kinds of clowns. And there are even classes one can follow to become a good clown. The clowns working for example as a cliniclowns are clowns of an entirely different order than most clowns that you may encounter at birthday parties.

Clowns are there in all shapes and sizes. And because I like them so much, I decided to make one myself.


With the techniques of making waldoef dolls as a starting point I first made an ordinary doll. I did bring a number of details to it, already in the making of the head. It seemed better that way to really be able to give the doll the facial expression of a clown. So he got a nose, lips and a chin.

When I had just started this doll I thought it would be a girl clown. But gradually the plans changed and it was actually a boy.

A grandmother from Germany ordered the lovable clown for one of her grandsons, as a playmate. So the clown had a home before he was even finished. It’s always nice to notice that a doll that is created in a spontaneous way in my hands is also loved by other people.