Natural materials have special qualities

When I started as a doll maker, I soon came to the conclusion that I wanted to work with 100% natural materials. And not long after that I made the choice to use only organic materials.

But my rates went up tremendously this and my dolls were priceless. I decided to make concessions. And fabrics for the clothes I nevertheless still went at the market. On the one hand I find that unfortunate, but on the other hand, it ensures that my dolls remain affordable. But deep inside, I would prefer to work with responsible materials.

Natural materials, which also made in a responsible manner and are processed have very different qualities than the materials we now tend to come against us. They feel softer, or slightly harder, very smooth or rather stiff. The softness of a bamboo fabric is in contrast to the stiff hemp. These differences are very enriching.

The purity of plant-dyed fabrics and wool is not touching created by chemical colors. Artist Claudy Jongstra explains in the following video:

It is as if these fabrics and colors the sky bring a little closer to the earth, as if we can through taste of paradise. The brightness of the color is different, deeper. While often milder. But that makes the sensation evoked by the color perception in no less intense.

These features are nice for everything a person would want to make, but for children, they are in my eyes an enormous enrichment. Because what a child in his or her early years around sees it will lay the groundwork for how it looks at the world. As children from an early age growing up with natural materials, which are processed and dyed in a traditional and natural way, then they will later everything they encounter in the world compare with those materials. By giving a doll that represents the greatest perfection in this field, there is naturally a generation with a greater awareness in this area. That would be fantastic!

Therefore, it is my wish to return to the pure natural materials. And preferably also local. At present, the offer is there still very small, but there is in the Netherlands a network of people is emerging who are working on exactly the same. A beautiful promise of what is going to happen in the studio …