I want to make a clown doll for a long time now

Today is another day. It is winter, but the sky is gray outside and the water is cold. Although it is not raining at the moment, that would happen anytime.

On a day you can do two things. You annoyed by the weather, or make the best of it. When I pull me back in my studio here will shine in the sun. And then it does not matter what the weather is like outside.

Two days ago I started a doll I wanted to make a very long time. A clownspop. Years ago, I myself was a clown. I did several courses and occasionally I took part in a street or other performance. Complete with red nose.

Though when I was only briefly dolls made was to make the idea in me a clownspop. The first time I thought it is now a few years ago. And now I’m really began there. Here you see the beginning:

make a clown

Meanwhile I’m already a bit further. The doll works. I made the greasepaint. With special fabric paint. And a part of the clothes I made. Now it starts to look like a real doll:

clowns doll waldorf doll

I’m so curious how this doll looks like he is complete. How the face is going to look further? And the clothes? What gets her doll? Is it a he or a she? Sooner or later it all becomes clear