Clowns: young and old love them, but why?

As a child I always thought it was great to see the clowns in the circus. Of course because they look nice in their bright clothes, their oversized shoes and their red nose. But a real clown is also a clown without that appearance. The core of the clown comes to the endless repetition of the same things, and the attitude with which the clown encounter everything he experiences.

Clowns are like small children, open and pure. And we all recognize ourselves in some way in the stupidity of the clown. Because these are magnified we can see them in their extremes as fun. And that makes you see things in perspective.

Only when I wanted to be a clown myself after a number of theater courses and went to classes, I noticed how difficult it really is to be a good clown. Clowns have a very open attitude, as if all that happens is new to them. But once you’re an adult, you have to let go of a lot of things that are normal to you to be able to look at the world in the way a clown looks at it. Because openness is precisely what makes a clown so disarming. And this is exactly why we all like clowns.

When I started making dolls I soon knew I once wanted to make a clown. And here it is. The clown is almost finished. I started making this clown with the idea to make a doll that looked like me when I was a clown. But gradually while making the doll it appearance took a different form. The clothes are a bit different, the hair has a different color and, ultimately, a different hairstyle. And even the makeup does not look like how I did it.

But just like I love all the other clowns, I also love this one…