A baby doll with long hair is a bit strange

When I just started making waldorf dolls, I was looking for patterns with which I was really pleased. I did not think it was easy to find them. But eventually I found a pattern which I liked.

I made several puppets with this pattern and I was very pleased. Until I realized something …

The shape of these dolls was that of a baby doll. With a bulging belly, a relatively large head and short but strong arms and legs. But the head and the hairstyle looked more like that of a toddler or an infant. With real long hair.

I thought that was a strange combination. See for yourself:


Have you ever seen a baby with such long hair? Not me.

And although I thought it was cute dolls (and still think) I always find that I do like to stay close to reality. It’s true not just different really. And you want a child yet not ever something to play what actually is wrong? Something is not “true” as to what was stated so beautiful? The design of the solar child dolls is actually based on simulating the real world.

Now I would like to change this pattern to make a real doll from. That seems mooier.Een doll with little hair and some more curved limbs. Perhaps with a nose and a chin.

And who knows, do I still have other dolls that are so large (the doll is 50 cm long) with long hair. And more so with the construction of a girl than with building a baby.