An Asian doll with short hair

As I already wrote, I have been busy with a new doll. She is now finished and already in possession of the dollsmother”. However, I still want to show you how I made her, so I just do afterwards :)

The girl for whom I made this doll has an Asian look and her mother wanted me to make a doll that looked like her. I have therefore taken the matching skin color and eyes and hair so made as that of the girl herself.

asian waldorf doll

The short hair I made from the wool of DollyMo. It is a very fine wool which is a bit difficult to handle, but the result may also be there. The hairs seem ultimately just too real and even brushing with a soft brush. What does a mother dolls even more;)

In the photo, the doll also her panties at all, because that goes with it of course. The dress and the shoes I had to make here.