An affordable doll or handmade doll to your liking, what do you choose?

Meanwhile, I make about 5 years dolls. Manual. This is time consuming and precision. The more detailed dolls which I make quickly take around 20 hours of my time. Some even triple. So labor intensive that.

The price is therefore high. At least, that’s what I often (potential) customers though. The price I think they ask too much for a doll. Because whether it’s handmade or not, it is still a doll. It is played with, he is here and there and then before you know it there are stains that never go out. They find it a shame to give a lot of money out.

But the materials are costly, and the many hours of work per doll is my hourly rate is very low. Doll maker if I should just like everyone else pay my rent and I have to go shopping. Actually, the prices of my dolls already very low.

Both doll maker as customers want to stand together. Because that ensures that the child has a delicate doll to play with

What a handmade doll really is worth, which is to express a variety of ways.

  • You can make the comparison with any other doll. A doll is a doll, after all.
  • Be the material costs, hours worked and all overhead (eg website, administration etc.) count and thus determine the price.
  • You can ask from a pedagogical belief that a handmade doll made of natural materials is invaluable because they help your child develop in a way that no other form of toys that can.
  • Or you can sit down as well, and all those things proposals and then determine what a handmade doll is yours worth.What a handmade doll’s worth, then everyone will give a different answer. That is indeed very personal.

If doll maker I give each child such a beautiful, delicate, soft, warm, cuddly doll. That’s why I make two different ways dolls.

pippi klein

Both dolls I use the same pattern. But one doll comes from my own urge to dolls and I can totally lose my creativity. Such a doll can I make in a kind of flow experience. Everything occurs as the result and that’s always good. That is a wonderful way of working. These dolls can be found in my Etsy shop.

The other doll comes because there is someone who wants a doll with specific characteristics. Often there many hours of consultation and coordination in it. And in making such a doll, I can not follow my inner creative impulses. This ensures that creating such a doll to me not only more time but also costs much more energy. Such a doll also hangs a different price tag.

What kind of doll you would like the most?