Do you want to learn how to make waldorf dolls?

Have you never made a waldorf doll before and do you want to, but you don’t know how? Or is doll making a hobby of you and are you looking for new patterns and new challenges?

Then read on!

In this course you get to see the whole proces of making a waldorf doll. I show you every detail of which you wonder how you should do it.

The result is an extensive tutorial with patterns and lots of detail pictures, so you only have to copy what I tell you and what I show you.

This information will save you time, frustration and money, because now you don’t have to figure out all by yourself what works and what doesn’t. You literaly see on the screen of your computer what to do. After all you are not looking for a pattern with which you still have to figure out what to do.  No, you want someone to show you exactly what to do. So after that you can – easily – copy it!

In this course you find the tutorials and patterns for the following dolls:

popje klaar

Cuddly doll is a sweet little cuddle doll for the small ones.

With a size of 19 cm (7,5 inch), a simple head, a little hat and knots for the hands, this is the perfect little doll for grabby baby hands.

With the making of Cuddly doll you learn the basic skills of waldorf doll making


1e boek 90

Wooly & Wally, especially for toddlers.

A 23 cm (9 inch) sweet little cuddle doll made from a soft fabric.

This doll has a real face, simple hands and is softly filled.

It is the perfect doll to bring along on all the adventures a toddler has in daily life.

Making this doll you learn some new techniques.

sam en saar3

Sam & Sarah are perfect for children of 3 or 4 years old.

This cuddle doll is 30 cm/12 inch and can be made as a boy or a girl.

With Sam and Sarah amongst other things you learn how to make a hairdo for a waldorf doll the easy way


zonnekindpopKleine Katrijne (which is dutch for little miss muffet) is the doll every child dreams of…

She is a dress up doll and you can do the hair any way you like.

This doll can be made in two different sizes: 30 cm/12 inch or 40 cm/16 inch. In the course you find the tutorial to create different hairdo’s. And off course there are also patterns for the clothes.



When you want to know more about the e-course, then register for the free pattern of the little cuddle doll and you will get all the information.